COP15 Dag 12 – Världens unga kräver ett ambitiöst avtal nu

Pressmeddelande från de unga på COP 15:

Youth Climate Leaders Stand With Millions Demanding a Real Deal NOW

Youth address world leaders at high-level plenary at UN Climate Summit, demanding governments commit to bold targets to ensure survival and climate justice.

COPENHAGEN – With over 1000 youth leaders from more than 100 countries gathered in Copenhagen, the International Youth Climate Movement at the UN Climate Summit today sent a powerful message to the assembled world leaders that governments must rise above the divisive politics of the past and show true leadership to ensure nothing less than the very survival of current and future generations.

“We have all worked for the past two years with the promise of a strong deal in Copenhagen to safeguard our future. Now it seems you will not get it done,” said Juan Carlos Soriano, a youth delegate from Peru, addressing the summit plenary. “This is unacceptable. We placed our trust in you. You should be ashamed.”

“Our rivers are drying up. Our crops are turning to dust. An unrelenting sun scorches our land while other areas are ravaged by storms and diseases,” said Esther Agbarakwe from Nigeria. “If developed countries set aside just 5% of their GNP for effective adaption by the most vulnerable countries, we will survive beyond 2050.”

“I came as a part of the Pacific youth delegation, but here I united with the Caribbean, the Maldivian, and the International Youth Climate Movement as a whole, calling out with one united voice for only 1.5 degrees of temperature rise and 350ppm of carbon concentration in the atmosphere”, said Krishneil Narayan from Fiji. “If the youth can unite as one movement at COP-15, we expect the leaders deciding our future to do the same, and deliver a legal binding treaty to ensure our survival.

Youth are calling for a Fair, Ambitious, Binding deal in Copenhagen, to avoid catastrophic climate change and ensure the survival of current and future generations, that:

  • Ensures Climate Justice
  • Limits global temperature rise to no more than 1.5 °C
  • Reduces atmospheric carbon dioxide levels back down to 350 PPM or lower
  • Commits developed countries to financing for adaptation of at least 5% GDP by 2020
  • Reduces the emissions of developed countries at least 45% below 1990 levels by 2020

For more information, please contact:

Matthew Carroll, External Communications Coordinator, UNFCCC Youth Constituency, +45 5010 3621,


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