FYEG om vapenhandel

Pressmeddelande från Federation of Young European Greens:

This week, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) released a report proving the limited impact of UN arms embargoes on arms flows to and behaviour of embargo targets.

Marina Barbalata, Co-spokesperson of FYEG, comments on the newly revealed facts: “The SIPRI report demonstrates once more the great imperfections and lacunae in existing international control systems of arms flows. It is shocking that governments committing gross human rights violations or being involved in armed conflicts have apparently no great difficulties in obtaining the instruments for carrying out their monstrous acts. The failure to control international arms trading inflicts enormous human costs, thus immediate and determined efforts to abolish this are needed. An effective and legally binding UN Arms Trade Treaty must be put into place at the shortest possible term. However, such a treaty can only be seen as an interim measure, for it is only through the progressive abolishment of all forms of arms production that we can come to a safer world for all.”

Bartek Lech, Co-spokesperson of FYEG adds: “As one of the world’s major arms producers, the EU should draw its conclusions from this report and take the lead by putting much stricter monitoring and sanctioning mechanisms into place to control its arms trade. It is an urgent necessity to make the EU Code of Conduct of Arms Exports legally enforceable and to encourage its adoption by third countries. However, such measures can only be effective if they also fully apply to private security companies and overseas production facilities. Furthermore, we call upon the EU to immediately end all arms-exports to countries involved in armed conflicts or having poor human rights records, such as Libya. Current arbitrary practices in this field completely undermine the EU’s credibility as self-proclaimed promoter of human rights and peace in the world”.


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