Valet i Polen del 2

Bartek Lech kommenterar valresultatet i Polen:

The Polish elections faced the highest turnout ever, even higher than in the first democratic elections in 1989. That’s another success of these elections, together with the good bye for the Kaczynski Government and the political death of the national-socialists from the League of Polish Families and the populists from Selfdefence (both parties are not in the Parliament anymore). What’s most optimistic is that young people that had a voting right for the first time went largely to vote.

The winning Christian-democrats, oriented towards liberalization of the market promised to bring back the hope for a better tomorrow, well we will see. But at least 2 promises of them are quite concrete- the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and signing the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. A good start of repairing Polish public life after the years of demoralisation of elites.

It is not summer, but the sun was shining a bit better today in the morning.


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